About us

Since established, One Stop Wireless has focused on enhancing an organization with exceptional expertise in providing direct TV cable connection and installing cable TV and Internet in the challenging high-density sector in Johnston, RI.

We provide fast and reliable solutions, cable TV, and Internet services to over a number of residents across Johnston, RI. Here at One Stop Wireless, we will assist you by providing innovative cabling solutions for the specialized and complicated infrastructure needs of the corporate and information technology industry.

We are experts and fully client-focused. We pride ourselves on our quick and prominent installation, exceptional after-sales service, simple and future-proof technology, transparent payment and pricing schemes. We exclusively bring matchless mergence of knowledge, experience, and expertise to every assignment we undertake.

Expert Internet Service Provider in Johnston, RI

Our professionals have been involved in all types of cabling systems and can assure that your network operates effectively across the equipped cabling.

Once you have opted for one of our wide spectrum of services, we take complete responsibility of it all from there. Our professionals design your network specifically as per your needs. Installation involves all cabling, firewalls, servers, and active elements and we exclusively put your network through its paces with a rigid functionality stress test.